November 3rd - December 1st

8:45 | 10:15 | 11:45

Lights, camera, action!

Join us for a unique teaching experience at Life Point Church! We’ll be exploring the truth behind Hollywood’s biggest hits, laughing and learning together! Invite your friend and family to sit with you, enjoying popcorn, soda, and candy with us!


What is At the Movies?

“At the Movies” is a special set of worship experiences where we explore some of Hollywood’s biggest films, looking for biblical truths… plus, who doesn’t want to watch a blockbuster movie at church for FREE while eating delicious snacks?! Together, we’ll relive scenes from some of our favorite movies and draw out biblical lessons that can be applied to real life, as we seek Jesus. We’ll wrap it all up December 1st with a family friendly service, centered around a Christmas movie, to bring in the season!

Be a Bringer!

“At the Movies” is the biggest invite opportunities of the year! It creates an easy, comfortable, and dynamic opportunity to ask someone you know to join you at church. Click below for social media links, downloadable graphics, and invite cards!


Feature Presentations


November 3rd:

The Greatest Showman

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December 1:

It’s a Wonderful Life

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